Tag: Data


Hardware or software that encodes or decodes a data stream (e.g. audio, video, closed captions).

Common Media Server Data

CTA standard (CTA-5006) published in 2022 defining how Origins and CDNs send status information to downstream workflow nodes (e.g. CDNs, players) with every object response.

Common Media Client Data

CTA standard (CTA-5004) published in 2020 defining how player clients send playout and error status information to upstream workflow nodes (e.g. CDNs) with every object

Real Time Messaging Protocol

A communication protocol for streaming audio, video, and data over the Internet. Originally developed as a proprietary protocol by Macromedia for streaming between Flash Player

Addressable TV

TV advertising model where different ads are shown to different audience segments watching the same TV program. Those segments could be defined by behavioral, demographic,

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