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Secure Reliable Transport

Secure Reliable Transport is an open-source video streaming protocol and technology used to transmit high-quality video and audio streams over unreliable or unpredictable networks, such

Producer Reference Time

Producer Reference Time is a concept introduced in the context of LL-DASH. The PRFT supplies times corresponding to the production of associated media. Among other

Low-latency HTTP Live Streaming

Low-latency HTTP Live Streaming is an extension of the HLS protocol designed to minimize latency in video streaming. While both LL-HLS and HLS are based

High Efficiency Streaming Protocol

High Efficiency Streaming Protocol is an adaptive HTTP-based video streaming protocol with a particular focus on low end-to-end latency and fast channel-change.

Quick UDP Internet Connections

Quick UDP Internet Connections is a UDP-based transport layer network protocol. HTTP/3 uses QUIC to achieve performance enhancements (e.g. simpler handshakes, multiplexing) such as lower

Real Time Messaging Protocol

Real Time Messaging Protocol is a communication protocol for streaming audio, video, and data over the Internet. Originally developed as a proprietary protocol by Macromedia


Network definition: Latency describes the time required to transmit data or to communicate between two parties. In data networking, it corresponds to the one-way delay

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