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Quality of Service

Measure of underlying technical aspects or characteristics of media streaming (ITU.T P.10 item 6.212), including: performance, availability. Poor QoS can impact PVQ and/or QoE. In

Quality of Experience

Measure of overall delight or annoyance of viewer’s media streaming experience (ITU.T P.10 item 6.209). Many factors can impact QoE, including: poor PVQ, poor QoS,

Perceptual Video Quality

Measure of visual quality of video content as perceived by viewers. Poor PVQ can impact QoE. Poor QoS can impact PVQ. The perceived video quality

HTTP Live Streaming

Apple standard for ABR media streaming using fMP4 or MPEG-TS containers and H.264 or H.265 video codecs.

High Efficiency Video Codec

Video compression standard, published in 2013, with the goal to succeed AVC/H.264 by reducing bitrate up to 50% while maintaining the same perceptual video quality

Encoded Bitrate

Encoded Bitrate is the bitrate of the compressed (i.e. during ABR encode/transcode) audio or video media objects, each Bitrate level representing different quality levels in


Hardware or software that encodes or decodes a data stream (e.g. audio, video, closed captions).

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