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Geo-Data for IPv6

There are many different approaches to associating attributes to an IP address and many different attributes that can apply. There are also several different approaches

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management is the use of keys and certificates to authorize playback of a video stream to a specific user and/or device over IP

Domain Name Server

A server that provides Domain Name Service (DNS) resolution. Primarily for mapping human-significant names to IP addresses. There are some other data/functions enabled by DNS

Internet Speech Audio Codec

iSAC is a wideband speech codec, developed by Global IP Solutions (GIPS) (later acquired by Google) and is suitable for VoIP applications and streaming audio.


Unicast delivery in IP networks involves a 1:1 data transmission scheme where one host or endpoint is communicating with one other host or endpoint exclusively. 

User Datagram Protocol

User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is one of the main transport protocols used in IP networks. It corresponds to Layer 4 in the OSI 7-layer model

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