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Time To First Byte

Time to First Byte (TTFB) refers to the time between the browser requesting a resource (i.e., a webpage, a video manifest, a video segment) and when

Time To First Frame

Measure of time between request for media by player to time media is rendered for playback (e.g. first frame rendered for user).

Round Trip Time

Measure of total time for network request (e.g. for a media object) to travel over the network and for response to travel back.

Quick UDP Internet Connections

UDP-based transport layer network protocol. HTTP/3 uses QUIC to achieve performance enhancements (e.g. simpler handshakes, multiplexing) such as lower latency media streaming.

Quality of Service

Measure of underlying technical aspects or characteristics of media streaming (ITU.T P.10 item 6.212), including: performance, availability. Poor QoS can impact PVQ and/or QoE. In

Quality of Experience

Measure of overall delight or annoyance of viewer’s media streaming experience (ITU.T P.10 item 6.209). Many factors can impact QoE, including: poor PVQ, poor QoS,

Perceptual Video Quality

Measure of visual quality of video content as perceived by viewers. Poor PVQ can impact QoE. Poor QoS can impact PVQ. The perceived video quality

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