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Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicators are metrics that are used to measure the performance of a streaming service.

Quality of Service

Measure of underlying technical aspects or characteristics of media streaming (ITU.T P.10 item 6.212), including: performance, availability. Poor QoS can impact PVQ and/or QoE. In

Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience is a measure of overall delight or annoyance of viewer’s media streaming experience (ITU.T P.10 item 6.209). Many factors can impact QoE,

Perceptual Video Quality

Measure of visual quality of video content as perceived by viewers. Poor PVQ can impact QoE. Poor QoS can impact PVQ. The perceived video quality

Mean Time to Resolution

The average time it takes to resolve an issue. In media streaming context, the issue can impact streaming QoS, PQ or QoE.

Mean Time To Detection

The average time it takes to detect an issue. In media streaming context, the issue can impact streaming QoS, PQ or QoE.

5G and the Edge Cloud for Streaming Video

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks and it brings new capabilities that have the potential to create opportunities for consumers, businesses, and society.

Key Network Delivery Metrics

This document describes key network delivery metrics for streaming Internet video. The Streaming Video Alliance Quality of Experience (QoE) working group (WG) developed these metrics

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