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Encoder Boundary Point

Encoder Boundary Point is used by the ABR transcoder to signal segment boundaries that are used by the packager downstream to generate the segment files.

HTTP Live Streaming

HTTP Live Streaming is an Apple standard for ABR media streaming using fMP4 or MPEG-TS containers and H.264 or H.265 video codecs.

Encoded Bitrate

Encoded Bitrate is the bitrate of the compressed (i.e. during ABR encode/transcode) audio or video media objects, each Bitrate level representing different quality levels in

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP is an MPEG international standard to enable non-proprietary ABR media streaming using fMP4 containers and any codec format.

Common Media Application Format

Common Media Application Format is an Apple-Microsoft standard aiming to simplify workflows by defining concurrent use of multiple ABR methods (e.g. DASH, HLS) while using


Program content that has been encoded into a particular bit rate, frame size and/or frame rate. ABR streaming technology provides consistent, high-quality viewing in situations


Unicast delivery in IP networks involves a 1:1 data transmission scheme where one host or endpoint is communicating with one other host or endpoint exclusively. 


A manifest refers to a text file that describes other files that can be fetched as part of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABR). A master manifest

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