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Adaptive Bitrate
Application Programming Interface
Common Media Application Format
Common Media Client Data
Common Media Server Data
Content Delivery Network
Coordinated Universal Time
Digital Rights Management
Encoder Boundary Point
Event Message

Category: CDN

Time To First Byte

Time to First Byte (TTFB) refers to the time between the browser requesting a resource (i.e., a webpage, a video manifest, a video segment) and when

Round Trip Time

Measure of total time for network request (e.g. for a media object) to travel over the network and for response to travel back.

Quick UDP Internet Connections

Quick UDP Internet Connections is a UDP-based transport layer network protocol. HTTP/3 uses QUIC to achieve performance enhancements (e.g. simpler handshakes, multiplexing) such as lower


Hostname of an Edge server that end users use to request a file


Amount of data that flows from Point A to Point B within the network over a certain period of time


A temporary location that stores copies of objects.

Cache Efficiency

The system property that describes the ratio of “cache hits” to the number of requests.

Cache Hit

A cache hit is when a request for data from a cache server is found on the server in memory or on disk and served.

Cache Miss

A cache miss is when a request for data from a cache server is not found on the server in memory or on disk. The

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