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Linear Programming

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Oct 1, 2022 @ 9:36 pm
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Linear Programming, in the context of content consumption, is video content that being consumed by the viewer, where the viewer does not have control of the viewing timeline, i.e., the programming is pre-scheduled for the viewer, i.e., the viewer does not select which program to watch once having selected a given IPTV (see IPTV) or OTT (see OTT) live TV channel. Examples include live TV channels such as CNN, FOX, ESPN, CBS on an IPTV or an OTT service. Linear programming can contain both Live Content (e.g., a sports game in real time, or delayed using a recording of the live event, see live content) and non-live content (e.g., a movie, see non-live content).

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Linear Video, Live TV, LIVE
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